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March 30, 2015

Fall travels: Allagash Brewing Company

IMG_5021Per my husband’s request, while in Maine we stopped by Allagash Brewing Company. I’m not a beer fan myself, but he likes draft beers and loves tasting different varieties and seeing how they’re made so a stop by the brewery was a must on his Portland, ME checklist.

If you’re not familiar with Allagash, they have about six year-round beers with a variety of special releases and keg-only releases each year. The part I found particularly interesting is that they’re very eco-friendly. They purchase renewable energy credits and the grain they generate is given to a farmer to feed his cattle which helps reduce his cost and the brewery’s waste. The same thing is done with the yeast they generate–a farmer uses it to fertilize his fields. They also compost, recycle and are finding ways to reduce water usage. I’m not a beer fan, but I’m a fan of that. They also have fun quotes littered throughout the brewery and I can get into that as well.

If you’re like my husband and are fond of draft beers, you can find theirs throughout the United States. I’ve personally seen it in Wegman’s a few times, but you can use the search tool via their website to find it at a bar, restaurant or store near you.

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