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January 23, 2015

Fall Travels: Portland, ME: Harbor Tour

Despite the cold temperatures, okay they were probably warm for Maine but cold by our southern September standards, we took a harbor tour during our trip to Portland, ME. The harbor area is pretty amazing, with lots of restaurants, shops and cobblestone streets. It’s a great place to spend a day and we just knew we wanted to get out and see the area from the water. Thankfully the boat had blankets and I had made a quick trip to the “Cool as a Moose” store for a fabulous Maine sweatshirt, or I would have froze to death. It’s cold out there on the water! But it was absolutely worth it!


The harbor area


Does this boat remind anyone else of Robinson Crusoe?


Still obsessed with this lighthouse.IMG_4946

The Ram Island Ledge Lighthouse. If you’re at the Portland Head Light and look out across the water, this lighthouse sits almost directly across from it.
IMG_4951 IMG_4963

Do you see the old man in the rocks?

IMG_4964 This one may be easier to spot.IMG_4969

IMG_4972 IMG_4974

Fort ScammelIMG_4977IMG_4978

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