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February 8, 2015

Film, ice and Shenandoah…

This weekend I did something I haven’t done in almost a decade–I shot film! I started off in film as a child, obviously digital didn’t exist, and learned how to develop it in a darkroom back in high school. I continued with film for a few more years once in college until making the jump to digital when my now husband, Ron, gifted me a Canon Rebel XTi. It took a while to embrace the digital age, and I eventually did, but there’s always been something missing. I miss the look of film, the feel of it, the excitement of waiting to see what develops. I just miss it.

Well fast forward to a few weeks ago when Ron and I were browsing through an antique store looking for chairs for my new office. We didn’t find any chairs, but we did find this beauty.


It’s been very loved, a little dirty, but it seems to work great and it was a steal at only $10. I cleaned it up, picked up some Fujifilm 400 and took it out for a spin Saturday. Ron and I took a trip up to Skyline Drive  and I did a little hybrid shooting. The drive was gorgeous. It’s the first time we’ve ever visited it during the winter so the ice and snow made for a nice contrast to the usual bold colors of our fall visits. Plus, it made for nice subjects for my first roll of film with my almost newest member of the Canon family. (I just purchased a Canon PIXMA MX922, on sale of course, and love it!) There were enough good sights to finish off a roll of film so it’s all packaged up and ready to head to the Indie Film Lab.

20150208_143942I can’t wait to see what develops! In the meantime, here’s a few digital images from the trip.

IMG_6193 IMG_6246 IMG_6270

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