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April 18, 2014

Thomas Family Photos

A few months ago, a friend from high school (yearbookers represent!) contacted me about taking some spring photos of her family. I was so excited and couldn’t wait, but there was the little issue of mother nature’s quest for endless snow. So we waited, and waited, and then waited some more. Just when I thought I was doomed to be stuck in an eternal winter ala Frozen except without the talking snowman, it finally warmed up, allowing me to meet up with my friend and her awesomely amazing family for some outdoor, spring photos at Braehead Farm. If you’ve never been to Braehead, I highly suggest you go. It’s nestled into an industrial area, so I was a little surprise to see it actually existed, but it’s this agricultural oasis with barns, animals, children’s activities and a farm market. (Plus, they’ll be opening up a farm kitchen soon and it’s almost strawberry picking time! I’ll definitely be back.) Big thanks to Braehead for being so great about photos. We were able to get some great ones and lots of good, quality play time. I can’t say enough positive things about this family and the way they interact with each other. She has some pretty special kids and I loved watching them explore the farm, especially when it came time for the animals. Let’s just say the chickens are great from afar and the pigs area little sleepier than they should be.

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Happy spring!

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