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June 1, 2016

When it rains, it pours…

20160515_172556If you read my most recent Travel Tuesday post, then you know a few Sundays ago, my husband and I were in a car accident. Thankfully, no one was injured and it wasn’t our fault (please yield before making a left turn!), but what we thought was a fairly easy, yet expensive fix to my beloved Equinox turned out to be unfix-able. Late last week we found out they totaled my car. And let me just tell you, I was crushed! To me, a car isn’t just a car, it’s so much more. It’s the first car I ever purchased brand new, right off the truck fresh from Canada. It’s the car I brought our sweet shelter puppy, Buddy, home in. (I quickly found out that he isn’t much of a rider…) It’s taken us as far north as Freeport, ME and as far south as Miami, FL. It’s been to Charleston, SC several times and Nags Head, NC and Emerald Isle, NC. It’s taken me to every single one of my weddings. It rolled down a back country road away from me one time when I jumped out without putting it in park because there was a bee on my leg. (No worries, I caught it!) It drove me to work, to vacations, to do errands and more. It was a part of the family and sadly, I had to let it go.

I took a trip down to the body shop once I learned it had been totaled so I could get my stuff out of it. It was mangled. What hadn’t been damaged in the accident had been pulled off in accessing the damage of the accident. My front headlight was in the back storage area, the bumper was lying on the ground–it wasn’t pretty. I collected my things, some of which had been put in a trash bag in the front, and said goodbye to my beloved Equinox. I thanked it for all the good times and especially for keeping everyone safe in what could have very easily been a worse situation and I let it go.

20160527_122018I came home, rather depressed about leaving my car, and began the search for its relative. Even if your car is totaled, the insurance company only lengthens out your rental car period for seven days. So heading into the Memorial Day holiday, we knew we had to find a car. We looked online, we visited numerous car lots and still nothing. In the midst of all of this, our upper level air conditioner in our home went out. Of course that would happen when it’s in the high 80s, low 90s consistently for really the first time all year. Thankfully, Ron’s uncle is a HVAC wiz and was able to get it fixed Sunday. Woo-hoo! And, since I had trouble sleeping those few warm days, I was able to really take advantage of that old school movie marathon on the Disney Channel. (Always find the silver lining ya’ll!)

Finally, today, we found a car we both liked and guess what? It’s another Equinox. I’m sure Equi is proud we loved it enough to get another one. This one is newer, way less miles and has a few more bells and whistles and I know over time it will become just as loved as the other one. I can’t think too much about my former car because that movie, “Cars,” plays in my head and I just worry that it’s cold and alone in a junk lot somewhere. Hopefully it goes to auction and is reborn for someone else. (Again, silver lining.)

Now that all of this insurance, car business is behind us, and we have a working a/c, it’s back to normal, or as normal as it ever is around here….

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